Weekly Letter

Updated: Mar 13

March 12, 2021 (Joint Letter with Washtenaw County Health Department, WISD, & HC--See original email for appropriate links)

Dear Community,

After a uniquely long and difficult winter, I imagine we are all eager for springtime in

Michigan. Warmer weather and longer days are coming, and we continue to see a

steady decline of COVID-19 cases locally and nationally, which is promising. As

restrictions in Michigan and other states begin to relax, we are asking our community to

continue taking precautions that help minimize the spread of COVID-19. The health

and safety of our school community depends on each of us doing our part.

With spring break in just a few short weeks, I would like to take a moment to highlight

the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations for

domestic and international travel. At this time, the CDC does not recommend

traveling, and we strongly encourage delaying travel and staying home, even for

those who have been vaccinated. Travel increases the chance of getting and

spreading COVID-19. Although we may feel well and not have any symptoms, we can

still spread COVID-19 to family, friends, and others in the community during and after


However, if you choose to travel, we ask that you assess the risks of traveling and

follow CDC guidelines and recommendations in order to reduce the chance of

spreading COVID-19. As you get closer to traveling, check the CDC’s website for the

most up-to-date information on testing and quarantining before and after travel:

● When You Should Not Travel

● General Travel Information

● Domestic Travel

● International Travel

Travel Recommendations by Destination (By Country)

International Air Travel Expectations

International Air Travel Testing Requirements

● After You Travel

● Quarantine Guidance If You Are Fully Vaccinated

● Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Traveling

Honey Creek Community School and the Washtenaw County Health Department

will be following all CDC travel guidance and recommendations, and Honey Creek

Community School expects everyone in our school community to do so as well. If

Honey Creek Community School you anticipate needing to quarantine after upcoming travel, please contact Al Waters, awaters@hc.wash.k12.mi.us .

While we are all excited to return to some “normal” activities, we must remain cautious

in order to prevent another surge of COVID-19 cases. Please continue masking up and

social distancing. Monitor yourself for any symptoms and keep practicing healthy

hygiene habits. If and when you are able, please consider getting adults in your

household vaccinated.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership as we all work together to keep

our community safe and healthy.


Al Waters

Executive Director

Honey Creek Community School

March 12, 2021

Honey Creek Community School In-person Learning Guidelines

Safety Measures

1. Masks

a. Masks must be worn properly, covering mouths and noses, by all people in the

building unless medically prohibited. Documentation of medical prohibition must

be provided to the Executive Director prior to students return to in-person

learning. Note: Many High Point Students do not wear masks.

b. Masks must be washed daily.

c. If students forget their mask, one will be provided for them.

2. Health Checks and Protocols

a. An online health assessment survey will be completed for each student the

evening before each school day. Teachers will monitor the surveys for their

student group.

b. Students displaying symptoms of illness, including coughing, sneezing, or fever,

will be immediately sent home and must either produce a negative test to return

or isolate for 10 days and be fever free for 24 hours.

c. Students displaying symptoms will wait outside with an administrator for an adult

to pick them up.

d. All adults entering the building must complete a Google survey health check.

Non-staff must show a screenshot of the survey to an administrator before

leaving the office or entryway.

3. Exposure

a. Students in the classroom with a student who is sent home sick: If their

classmate tests positive for COVID, all students in the class must quarantine for

a minimum of 10 days and may return to school if they are symptom free after 10

days. If their classmate receives a negative COVID test, the whole class may

return when test results are received.

b. Students who are a direct contact with a person with confirmed or suspected

COVID are expected to quarantine for 10 days (e.g. a household member has


c. If a student in a 4-5 classroom test positive for Covid -19, that

d. Drop-off and Pick-up

e. Family members are not allowed in the building without permission from


f. Adults waiting with students must wear masks at all times.

g. Staggered student entrances will be used in conjunction with windowed drop-off

times. Students will enter through the outside entrance nearest to their


h. Windowed student release times will be utilized to minimize crowding. You may

meet your student by their entrance door or ask them to walk to the curb at the

front of the building. Please maintain a safe distance from others at all times.

4. Social Distancing

a. 6’ social distancing will be maintained at all times. Floors will be marked with 6’

distances in areas where students are likely to congregate (e.g. Bathrooms,

cafeteria, hallways)

b. Signage will be posted in public areas advising social distancing and masking


c. There will be no intermingling of classes in order to keep students in the same

groups across school hours.

5. Cleaning and Sanitizing

a. All students and staff must sanitize or wash hands upon entrance to and exit from

a classroom, with additional times determined by their classroom teacher.

b. Sanitizer stations will be placed in each classroom.

c. Student materials will be individual as much as is possible and will be located at

or near their desks in order to maximize distancing between students.

d. Any shared materials will be sanitized each day.

e. Students will keep their personal belongings with them in the classroom rather

than using lockers.

6. Food

a. Students will be asked to bring their own snack and full water bottle each day.

Water bottles should be taken home each night, washed, and refilled.

b. Families will be alerted by their classroom teacher if there is an in-person student

with food allergies in their classroom.

c. Snack will take place outside with students maintaining social distancing. In the

case of inclement weather, small groups will be taken to an unused classroom to


d. Lunches will not take place at school until we are in the “optional hybrid

instruction” phase in order to reduce risk of virus transmission. Instead, we will

have a half-day in-person schedule for students. When students are able to eat

lunch on campus (see cases numbers required for “optional hybrid instruction” on

the back-to-school plan), lunch will be staggered to allow students to maintain

social distancing with masks off for eating.

Daily Classes & Routine

● In-person instruction will occur (for those who chose it) every weekday with staggered

start times and a noon dismissal.

● Drop-off times at door nearest classroom: All students to arrive between 8:00 and 8:10

am and picked up between 11:55 am and 12:05 pm:

K -1 Will use the door nearest their classrooms. This is the first set of doors

along the main drive. Students will enter through the left hand door and be

directed in their pod area.

2-3 Students will enter through the door of the circle drive on Holmes Road.

Drop off students near the flagpole.

4-5 Students will enter through the main entrance and be directed to their


MS Students will enter through the first set of doors along the drive. This is the

same set of doors used by K/1. Students will enter through the right hand door

and be directed up the stairs to their classroom.

○ Student arrival and departure will be monitored by staff.

● K/1 and 2/3 Students will stay with their base class in their base classroom for


● Specials that occur before pick-up (elementary only) will take place in base classrooms

with specials teachers streaming video into the home classroom.

● Recess will be staggered to allow for students to maintain social distancing with masks.

Recess activities will take place in the fields to allow for appropriate distancing.

● 4-5 and middle school students will circulate between classrooms for the various

subjects. Work stations will be sanitized between classes.

● 4-5 and middle school students will need to bring their Chromebooks to school each day

and bring them home for base and specials in the afternoon each day.

● Weekly schedules will be shared by base teachers once class numbers have been


● Assignments and materials will continue to be available through Otus for both in-person

and online students.

Teacher Plans by Grade-Level

K-1 will have two in-person teachers, and two online teachers.

● Stephanie Yambrick and Elka Francisco will teach in-person.

● Students in Stephanie Yambrick’s class who return to in-person will remain in Stephanie’s


● The other remaining in-person students will be divided between Stephanie Y.’s and Elka F.’s

classes to create equal class numbers.

● Stephanie Boling and Alexa Korpal will remain online.

● Students in Stephanie B.’s or Alexa’s class who remain online will remain in their current


● Students from Stephanie Yambrick’s class who choose to remain online will be assigned to

Stephanie B’s or Alexa’s class.

2-3 will have two in-person teachers .

● Mary Bassett and Salli Kropp will teach in-person.

● Students in Mary’s and Salli’s classes who return in-person will remain in their classes.

● Students from Jeannie’s class who return in-person will be divided between the two

in-person classrooms to create equal class numbers.

● Mary and Salli will be supported by a co-teacher.

● Jeannie will remain online.

● Those students remaining online will be placed in Jeannie’s online class.

4-5 will take a hybrid approach with all teachers teaching in-person and online simultaneously.

● Students will keep their base teacher.

● Students remaining online will join live instruction on Zoom.

● Students attending in-person will be instructed by all three teachers, rotating in their base

class as their cohort.

● Base class meetings will take place in the afternoons, with all students online.

Middle school will take a hybrid approach with all teachers teaching in-person and online


● Students remaining online will join live instruction on zoom.

● Students will rotate through their academic classes with their math group as a cohort, having

two academic classes per day Monday through Thursday and Fridays will be all four classes

(half blocks).

● Base classes will only meet as a group in the afternoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be minimum standards for masks? As a public school, we are unable to

mandate a particular type of mask. However, we recommend that families adhere to the

CDC guidelines, which include 3-layer masks, either cloth or disposable. All masks

provided by the school are either purchased, medical grade masks, or masks made

utilizing cotton, polyester, and appropriate filter material.

Will there be transportation? No. We are unable to contract transportation services at

this time. If you are comfortable, you may be able to coordinate transportation with

another family.