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Project Based Learning

Honey Creek Community School’s curriculum emphasizes the integration of thought and experience – thinking and doing. Learning is centered on themes and projects that have meaning and purpose in the students’ lives. Adults (teachers, parents and other community members) with various kinds of expertise share in the teaching of the children. Teachers guide students as they learn through hands-on activities, both individually and in groups.

​Honey Creek students are motivated to ask questions,

exhibit curiosity, think critically and seek new opportunities to learn. Students integrate and synthesize information from a variety of sources in a variety of contexts. At Honey Creek, students learn to work effectively in teams, appreciate differences and diversity, and learn to communicate effectively.


The ultimate goal for Honey Creek students is to be ready to contribute to their communities productively by being technologically literate, using life management skills and sensitively working in their career, family, friendships and more.


The Honey Creek Team is a community of people dedicated to providing a top notch education to children throughout Washtenaw County.  Led by our innovative faculty and staff, and supported by our administrators, school board and parent teacher organization, the Honey Creek Team works together to promote our mission. We have low turnover of our faculty and staff who love teaching Honey Creek students and high participation of our parents who love contributing to the overall goals of the school.

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