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Honey Creek Community School is a charter school authorized by the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD). As a public charter school, Honey Creek offers a progressive, alternative model of education for students in Washtenaw County. Honey Creek does this by offering multi-age classrooms where students learn through a thematic, project-based curriculum.  Charter schools provide families with an alternative choice to regular public school education for their children. Families choose Honey Creek for the innovative mission, small class sizes and community and family involvement.   The multi-age classrooms are broken down as follows: Kindergarten and First Grade, Second and Third Grades, Fourth and Fifth Grades, and Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth are more independent.  However our middle schools join our earlier grades for learning help in reading, social skills, and math weekly.  This gives our older students a social emotional awareness and pride in the entire community, provides the younger students with academic and social emotional support, and minimizes bullying.

The goal of charter schools is to provide an alternative choice to students based on their specified mission, goals, and learning objectives, agreed upon through a charter with the authorizing agency. Like other public schools, charter schools do not charge tuition and are open to all students who desire to attend. If they have more applicants than open spots, they must hold a lottery.

Honey Creek has held a lottery for the past several years as the number of students who wanted to attend exceeded the number of spots available. To learn more about our enrollment process and join the lottery please fill out the form below.

Learn more about the history of charter schools in Michigan.

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