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These are samples of weekly themes that we have offered at camp in the past.  Not all of these themes will be offered each summer, nor will we necessarily repeat the exact field trips or activities - in fact, we try to mix-it up, as many campers return year after year.

Around The World

Fill your passport exploring the different cultures that make our world so interesting. Be sure to bring an appetite! We will create our own passports, then “travel” through world activities. Countries visited include Mexico, Italy, Russia, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, and Pakistan.

One summer included a field trip to the Toledo Zoo. Other all-camp and group games were tininkling, Ounch/Reech, European Dodgeball, Ga-Ga, and Wan, Tu, Zum.  In 2011, Jon and Seoul Street offered a Korean cooking presentation. Campers swim daily, except when on a field trip.

Age-grouped Activities:

K/1 - Create Wind Socks, Make Italian Ice & Tortillas, Metal Tooling/Wind Mills, Stuck in the Mud

2/3 - Play with Castanets, Learn About Flags, African Elephant Walk, Japanese Fans, Ojos du Deu, Russian Prui

4-8 - Learn About Bocce Ball, Learn Bbout World Structures, Experiment with Henna, Easy Empanadas, Mexican Flowers, Stuck in the Mud, Russian Prui


Sportin' Around

Get ready for an intense week of sports. Grab your gear and head out to the field! Campers will immerse themselves in sports activities, with the opportunity to play a wide variety of games, including (ultimate) frisbee, lacrosse, soccer, flag rugby, mini-golf, field or noodle hockey, kickball, basketball, and a range of racket sports. Throughout the camp days, campers will play both in their age-groups (see below) and in all-camp group games.

We have had the opportunity to take a field trip to the High Velocity indoor sports complex and to go to a Tigers game! One summer, the culminating activity was the thrilling Honey Creek Olympics, an all-day games extravaganza. Campers swim daily, except when on a field trip. 

Age-grouped Activities:

K/1 - Frisbee Toss, Soccer, Mini-Golf, Noodle Golf, Basketball, Racket Sports

2/3 - Lacrosse/ Scoop & Throw, Make Frisbees/Soccer, Field Hockey/Hockey Puck Snack, Kickball, Basketball, Racket Sports

4-8 - Soccer, Flag Rugby, Mini-Golf, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Racket Sports

Campers Ahoy!

Water, pirates, treasure, and high seas fun! Yo ho! Yo ho! A camper’s life for me!

Pirate Campers have made boats and maps and they have buried treasure. All-camp group games have included a sponge relay, shipwreck, the Raingutter Regatta, sharks and minnows, and an all-out water balloon splash. There have been field trips to Turtle Cove, Rolling Hills Water Park and Independence Lake. Campers swam daily.

Age-grouped Activities:

K/1 - Ice Cube Necklace, Pirate Hats (time permitting)

2/3 - Pirate Hats

4-8 - Treasure Hunt


Mystical Adventures

Experience the magical worlds of Narnia, Middle Earth, and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Accio Campers!

Daily activities have included Giants/Elves/Wizards, Smaug’s Jewels, Madam Pomfrey, Woosh-Woah, and Crookshanks & Scabbers. Campers have had a Sorting each day. Then, they have had the opportunity to build their worlds, constructing wands and robes, folding origami owls, and making brooms and parchment. Campers have played Wizard & Goblin Tag and Defend the Castle; but the big activity of the week is always Quidditch. Campers play Quidditch several times during the week, culminating in the Quidditch and House Cups. There is a Mystical Adventures field trip to the Cavern Club. Campers swim daily. *For this special week, there are no age-grouped activities.

Fine Arts Fest

Just how many ways can you make an image? This week we’ll find that’s not such an easy question to answer. Campers will explore visual, musical, and kinesthetic art.

Visual art activities vary by age group; but all campers have had the opportunity to do Street Art with Pat (an artist from Kalamazoo), a large-scale chalk mural, and a general study of art. Musical art activities have previously included constructing African instruments, performing in a recording studio, participating in a sing-along and STOMP.

Campers have also enjoyed kinesthetic, all-camp group games/experiences: Night at the Wax Museum, color tag, marshmallow structures, Capture the Paintings, Found Art, musical chairs, Creationary, and yoga. There is always a daily swim.

Age-grouped Activities:

K/1 - Make African Instruments, Sing-Along, African Arts, Knotted Bracelets, Street Art with Pat, Crayon Scratchings/Clay

2/3 - Make African Instruments, Geometrical Wheels, Recording Studio, African Arts, Street Art with Pat, Pablo Picasso

4-8 - Recording Studio, Make African Instruments, Clay Making & Building, STOMP, African Arts, Street Art with Pat

FIne Arts 1.jpg

Weird Science

Explore, experiment, and experience science… With a twist. Campers will have a hands-on, gooey, explosive, constructive week, learning and experimenting with things that go “boom” and things that go ooze.

Check out our age-group experiments that our campers have conducted in the past. Around these experiments, all-camp group games have included Amoeba Tag, Birds of a Feather, Shrink Ray Tag, Droids and Clones, and a Star Wars Game. These fabulous activities at camp have been matched by an exciting field trip to the Impression 5 Science Center, Michigan Science Center or the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum. The week often culminates in a Science Fair and/or a Star Wars Extravaganza. Campers swim daily, except when on the field trip.

Age-grouped Activities:

K/1 - Chalk, Lava Lamps, Dancing Raisins, Alka-Seltzer Rockets, Play-Doh, Lightning in Your Mouth, Silly Putty, Goo & Slime, Tea Bag Rockets

2/3 - Fizzing Bath Soaps, Oobleck, Wave in a Bottle, Milk Star Explosion, Periscopes, Egg Strength Test, Making Lightsabers, CD Spaceships, Life Saver Sparks

4-8 - Soap Souffle, Fire-Proof Balloon, Candy Chromatography, Sharpie Art, Earth, Air Fire & Water, Glow in the Dark, Baby Diaper Secret

Greek Mythology

Heroes, Monsters, and Legends! Capture the spirit of the Ancient Greeks, with Olympic challenges for mind and body. Campers will solve riddles of the Oracle, climb rock walls, learn archery, go on quests, and race chariots.

Younger campers have been challenged to garb themselves with self-created apparel of the ages, while older campers have unraveled the secrets of Arachne, the Labyrinth, Achilles, and Icarus. All campers have had the opportunity to create their own monster. Physical challenges have included Medusa Tag, Gladiators, Capture the Flag, Escape from Monster Island, Dragon Race, Guarding the Golden Apples, Who’s Your Greek God, and Medusa Freeze Tag. The field trip for this week has been to Planet Rock, Xtreme Bounce Zone and Liberty Athletic Club. There have been special exhibitions of “Hero Training: Archery & Sword Fighting.” Campers swim daily, except when on the field trip. 

Age-grouped Activities:

K/1 - Greek Vases, Cyclops, Olive Leaf Crown, Build a Monster, Medusa Headbands, Hoplite Shields, Ambrosia

2/3 - Make a Monster, Greek Pottery, Shields, Ancient Greek Scrolls, Togas, Greek Madallions

4-8 - Create a Monster, Achilles' Heel, Icarus Flies, Arachne's Weaves, The Labyrinth, Half-Blood Training Camp

time warp 1.jpg

Time Warp

Quantum foam makes us roam! We’ll travel through wormholes each day to visit the bizarre, the amazing, and the amusing throughout time.

As a group, campers have traveled to prehistoric ages, for Mammoth Hunting, Dinosaur Tag, and Potato and Spoon Race. Then, they’ve jumped forward several thousand years for Roman Ball, Sensei Says, catapults, and Duck on the Rock. They have had a grand Exploration, with Wild West Tag and Master Samurai. The last day of camp has previously featured a full-day Gold Rush, with a bonus Fistful of Dollars game. There has been a field trip to Tantre’ Farms, and the Knights of the Round Table have demonstrated their quantum skills. Campers swim daily, except when on the field trip. 

Age-grouped Activities:

K/1 - Greek Vases, Cyclops, Olive Leaf Crown, Build a Monster, Medusa Headbands, Hoplite Shields, Ambrosia

2/3 - Make a Monster, Greek Pottery, Shields, Ancient Greek Scrolls, Togas, Greek Madallions

4-8 - Create a Monster, Achilles' Heel, Icarus Flies, Arachne's Weaves, The Labyrinth, Half-Blood Training Camp

Carnival Daze

This week every camper is the star attraction! Showcase your talents (and discover new ones) during carnival daze.

We have had a fabulous series of all-camp and group games, including a human game of trouble, a t. p. toss, group juggling, a puppet show, balloon and hula hoop relays, a giant game of bowling, a big bold balloon battle, and a menagerie’ of circus animals. We have had the Detroit Fly House come to camp and have also traveled to their location for an exciting field trip.  We have also had a balloon animal expert visit us! At the end of the week, campers always put on a Camp Carnival Extravaganza, during which they have a chance to show off everything they’ve accomplished. Campers swim daily.

Age-grouped Activities:

K/1 - Face Painting/Dice Making, Bean Bag Toss, Clown Snack

2/3 - Candy Toss Game, Caramel Apples/Puppets, Coin Drop Board, Balloon Pop, Tie Dye

4-8 - Photo Cut Outs, Minute To Win It, Carnival Cooking

carnival daze 2.jpg
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