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Welcome to the Honey Creek Community School website! You have taken the first step in learning about our unique, little school.

When parents are asked what they like most about Honey Creek, “ The community!” is the overwhelming response. Parents play a vital role in the success of our school, and they enrich the learning experience through participation in a variety of theme committees. Their work supports a variety of activities such as wellness, farm-to-school, and community gardening, our Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) fair, and our beloved annual spring talent show as well as other school-wide events.

If you are interested in enrolling your student and would like to learn more about Honey Creek, please attend one of our two January enrollment meetings.



Al Waters
Honey Creek Director



Honey Creek Community School was started by parents who were interested in finding quality alternative education for their children. These families belonged to a day-care program called the Child Care Connection – where children of different ages learned together but were treated individually. As their children grew older, the parents saw the need for a school that operated on a similar philosophy.

In 1995, a charter was granted through the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD), and Honey Creek opened for its first school year. The WISD selected Honey Creek from among other charter applicants because it was deemed the strongest proposal in terms of meeting local needs, the programs it offered were unique and innovative, and there was a high degree of parental involvement.

Honey Creek has grown from its modest beginning with 33 students to a thriving school with three fully enrolled classes at each grade level: Early Elementary (K-1); Middle Elementary (2-3); Later Elementary (4-5) and a middle school with four base classes each encompassing grades 6,7 and 8. Total enrollment is currently near Honey Creek’s optimal limit at approximately 250 students. Class sizes range from 18 at the lower levels to 20 in the Middle School.

The WISD supports Honey Creek in ways that extend beyond typical charter oversight. Honey Creek shares a campus with the WISD’s High Point School – a facility for special education students – many of whom are severely disabled. The strong, collaborative relationship between the two schools is represented by the boundless playground project that was completed in 2005. Honey Creek and High Point worked together to attract donations and recruit volunteer labor to create “a play environment uniquely configured to provide for inclusive play and to remove the barriers that limit exploration and development.”


Honey Creek Community School develops the whole child by integrating a rigorous, project-based curriculum, real-life experiences and expertise, a focus on relationships, and an emphasis on the importance of community in a supportive, multi-age classroom setting.


Honey Creek Community School develops the whole child by integrating life, learning and community.


Honey Creek Community School will advance transformative education practices to ensure all students reach their full potential while preparing them to successfully address the emerging challenges of the twenty-first century.



We believe that students learn and flourish with experiential, integrated, and thematic instruction.

We believe that there are experts of all ages in our community who contribute to student learning.

We believe that the development of cooperative learning strategies and the ability to work successfully as a team member are essential life skills.

We believe that every individual is entitled to a respectful environment that is both physically and emotionally safe in which he/she/they can develop to their full potential.

We believe that it is essential for children and their families to be active participants in students’ education, their school, and their community.

We believe that celebrating academic, personal, and civic achievement promotes enthusiasm for learning and supports a positive self-image.

We believe that fostering genuine relationships between the High Point and Honey Creek communities creates opportunities for students to share the joy of life viewed through a broad lens of human experience.

We believe that curriculum-based service learning projects enhance student learning.

We believe instruction is academically rigorous when students are challenged to research, explore, and synthesize complex topics to develop a deep understanding of core subjects.

We believe students demonstrate their learning as they share, explain, and transfer their new knowledge.

We believe that our intentional commitment to small, multi-age classrooms leads to strong relationships that promote the development of each student.

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