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At Honey Creek, we strive to ensure that families and community members have access to the most current information at all times. We know that it can be difficult to attend board meetings and we are working to ensure that access to information shared at board meetings is easily accessible. To respond to community requests that such information be available as soon as possible after board meetings, we are implementing a new process utilizing the school’s access to the Google suite.


At each meeting, a recording secretary will take minutes, including attendance, motions made, actions taken, discussions, and a record of the public comments. These minutes will be submitted to the Secretary of the Board who will sign and post the draft minutes to the Google drive folder linked below. These will remain posted until the following board meeting where they will be submitted for approval and finalized. The final copy will be posted to this same folder.

Official Bylaw Language

The Secretary or temporary Secretary of the Board shall be responsible for keeping the minutes, or see to that minutes of every meeting of the Board are kept. A recording Secretary, not a member of the Board, may be appointed by the Board and shall attend all meetings and record all actions of the Board. Such minutes shall be reviewed and signed by the Secretary of the Board or acting Secretary. The minutes shall include the date, time, place, members present,  embers absent, all motions made at open meetings and action taken thereon, the purpose(s) for which closed sessions are called, all votes taken, a reference to reports presented, a record of those speaking at the public comment session and the topic on which they spoke, and items discussed when no action is taken.

Copies of proposed minutes of an open meeting shall be provided upon request to members of the public within eight business days of the meeting and copies of approved minutes within five business days of the meeting at which they were approved. Minutes shall be presented for approval at the next meeting of the Board and copies shall be sent to all Board members prior to the next meeting.

Minutes of closed meetings shall not be made public except as specified by current law.The Board is responsible for  providing adequate and direct means for keeping the parent(s)/guardian(s) of pupils informed about the school and for keeping itself informed about the wishes of the parent(s)/guardian(s).

Closed Sessions:
The Board may meet in closed session as provided for under current law. The minutes of any closed session shall be  kept separate from the minutes of the regular or special meeting and shall not be a matter of public record except as  provided for under current law.

Any Board action taken because of a closed session shall be taken in a public meeting and recorded as such. The Board shall conduct closed sessions only as provided by current law.

23-24 Agendas & Minutes

July 19, 2023:  No Meeting Scheduled 
August 16, 2023:  Meeting Cancelled
September 20, 2023:  Agenda   Minutes
October 18, 2023:  Agenda   Minutes

November 15, 2023:  Agenda Minutes
December 20, 2023:  Agenda  Minutes 
January 17, 2024:  Agenda  Minutes
February 7, 2024:  Agenda  Minutes
February 21, 2024:  Agenda  Minutes
March 20, 2024:  Agenda  Minutes

April 17, 2024:  Agenda Minutes - Pending
May 15, 2024:  Agenda Minutes - Pending
June 19, 2024:  Agenda Minutes - Pending

22-23 Agendas & Minutes

August 17, 2022:    Agenda   Minutes
September 21, 2022: Agenda   Minutes

October 19, 2022: Agenda   Minutes
November 16, 2022: Agenda   Minutes
December 21, 2022: Agenda   Minutes
January 11, 2023:  Agenda     Minutes
18, 2023  Agenda     Minutes
March 1, 2023:  Agenda     Minutes
April 19, 2023:  Agenda     Minutes
April 26, 2023:  Agenda     Minutes

May 17, 2023:  Agenda     Minutes
June 7, 2023:  Agenda     Minutes
June 21, 2023:  Agenda     Minutes

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