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I would like to start this post with three words: I am sorry.

I realize that this sounds like the start of something negative, but I would like to reflect on "perceptions."

There is infinite evidence that this pandemic has created, caused and continues to cause havoc in our lives. The traumas are real and unfortunately have been the equalizer in all countries, cities and communities. The abundance of teacher shortages, school closures, and continuous divisiveness over masking and vaccinations has us all making decisions we have NEVER made before. There is no precedence. I am continuously reminding myself that "when we know better, we will do better" which brings me back to the word "perception."

I know that it is impossible to hear, see, feel the behind the scenes decision making. We only see the results, but in this day and time, it is important to "perceive what is happening without judgement or accusations." We are all learners at this point, so with learners, we know errors will be made not just once, but perhaps twice and even three times. We fall, we get up and hope there is forgiveness.

Here is the silver lining: We learn and then we do better.

I cannot express the pride I feel being a part of the HC staff. We have and are having really hard discussions but we are doing this together. We are finding ways to support, check-in and lift each other.

Education today is not like it was when we were kids and as educators, the feeling of not being able to do my job well takes a detrimental toll but I again want to lift that everyone is meeting students where they are at.

I still see students with the love of school, their teachers and learning to learn.

So as we navigate this ship, there will be negative perceptions and judgement and I am sorry for that. But we are heading and driving toward something better, we just need forgiveness, patience, time and continued support from each other.

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