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Move Update - October 2021

The new High Point School is scheduled to receive its temporary occupancy permit in mid-December, which means the building will be ready for us in January 2022. The remaining work on the pool will be completed in January and the full occupancy permit will be granted at that time.

The Honey Creek faculty will be invited to tour the building the first week of November. As we have a limited number of hardhats, tours will be scheduled. Children will not be allowed in the building at this time as the occupancy permit will not be in place.

In mid-December, once the occupancy permit is in place, we will schedule a visit for students and parents. We have not yet determined if this will take place during the school day or after school hours.

We are exploring the possibility of modifying our calendar to provide teachers time to prepare for relocating. We did this prior to moving to Willow Run and it proved quite helpful. We are considering starting Winter Break at the end of the day on December 15th and resuming school on January 5th. I’m also negotiating with the ISD to have their movers take our things from Willow Run to Wagner Road. If negotiations prove successful, this will lessen stress on our staff and reduce the need for our community to support the physical move. However, we don’t want you to feel left out, so there will be plenty of boxes that you can help pack.

Once we receive our full occupancy permit in mid to late January, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony. This event will be primarily for local school district superintendents, board members, policy makers and construction leads.

Once the weather warms up in May, there will be Grand Opening. The three school communities will be invited as well as the local community and prospective families. This will be a celebratory event with tours provided by Honey Creek middle school students.

I’ll share further information with you as dates firm up and plans develop .



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