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Confidential Student Help Report & Request

Please use this confidential form to request help with any problem or worry you may be facing.  They may include:

     - Friendship issues

     - Unkind behaviors (bullying, harassment, discrimination) of yourself or others

     - School-related anxieties about grades, projects, etc.

     - Anything that may be causing you stress


You can also use this form to make us aware of any concerns or worries even if you'd prefer not to meet or talk with a staff member. 


Once finished, this form will go to our social workers.  They will then do their best to help you in the way you feel most comfortable.


Please note this is a confidential process but it is not anonymous. Your identity will be known to our social workers  They are obligated to keep your report confidential according to the law.  


If you have any questions about this form, please ask any member of the staff or visit the office to speak with a social work or administrator.

Would you like to meet with a Honey Creek social worker about this issue?
Would you like to meet with the principal or director about this issue?
Do you want to speak with any member of the staff about this issue?
Has another adult or staff member been made aware of this situation?

Thanks for submitting

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