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Honey Creek Community School survives on family involvement.  Families of early and middle elementary students are encouraged to come into the building before and after school to talk with teachers, staff and other families. Our administrations’ goal is to have open and clear lines of communication at all times. Honey Creek families of older children are also expected to be a part of the community, in less direct ways. All parents are encouraged to be active and engaged, and the work they do contributes hugely to the vitality and success of our community. Minimally, parents, students and teachers do individual goal setting for each student biannually. Parents are encouraged to share their experience and expertise with teachers and students. 

Over 90 percent of our parents are involved in volunteering at the school as a result they are a fundamental part of the student’s educational experience. There are many levels at which to volunteer such as room parents, PTO leaders, board members, foundation members, mentors, instructors, field trip chaperones, event planners, life-skills leaders, coaches, gardeners, cooks, and more.

In fact, family involvement is so important to student and school success that we ask all families to sign the Parent Pledge, in which families commit to be thoroughly, consistently, and responsibly active and engaged with student safety and education. Thank you in advance for your time and participation.

The Parent Involvement Pledge


The involvement of all parents is an integral part of our community school. Our mission emphasizes a strong relationship between families and HCCS because we know this tie will enhance the education of all Honey Creek students and add richness and diversity to our community. Furthermore, we recognize that the success of our students and health of our school community is directly and meaningfully improved when we work to be responsibly, thoroughly, and consistently engaged.


THEREFORE AS A PARENT, GRANDPARENT, OR CARING ADULT, I take personal responsibility for my child’s safety and education and the safety and education of the children in this community.




1. Read the parent handbook and abide by the policies and guidelines set out in it.

2. Ensure that my child arrives at school:

  • On time (8 A.M.) 

  • Rested and ready to learn

  • Having taken responsibility for completing homework assignments in a timely manner (with my help and guidance, as appropriate)

  • Dressed appropriately for the weather and with a nutritious snack

3. Work to create safe environments:

  • For the community (driving/parking & appropriate after-hours behavior)

  • For each student’s body (respecting allergies, physical health)

  • For each student’s mind (respecting differences and emotional health, and practicing inclusiveness and conflict resolution)


4. Stay informed: 

  • Attend both parent/child/teacher conferences each year

  • Read e-mails, newsletters, and posted announcements

  • Attend at least one Board or PTO Meeting each year

  • Understand the basics of how Honey Creek is funded


5. Support and strengthen our community:

  • Volunteer your time (minimum 2 hours/month, or 16 hours/year)

  • Participate in fundraising efforts

  • Participate in curriculum fairs, community forums, classroom potlucks, and all-school concerts and festivals whenever possible


We (I), parent/legal guardian(s) agree to do my best to follow through with the responsibilities listed above.

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